Directorate of Operation



The Directorate of Operations of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is directly responsible for the Operational duties viz, Special Duties, Guard duties, Disaster Management e.t.c of the Corps. This Charter publishes the necessary information for the following customers of the Directorate;

  • Corporate. bodies, e.g. NIPOST, NNPC, and PHCN.
  • Individuals/Associations and Religious Organizations.
  • The Federal, State and Local Governments
  • The Nigerian public


To efficiently, with integrity, preserve government infrastructural facilities and guaranteeing the safety of the citizenry of the country.


To inculcate a new security concept that cuts across all facets oflife with a tenacious grip of the rule of law through a guaranteed maximum protection of lives and properties aimed at ensuring prompt and efficient delivery of the Corps statutory mandate


  • The services rendered by the directorate are as follows;
  • Maintenance of peace and order in the society..
  • Provision of security and monitoring services before, during and after electoral exercise..
  • Protection and ensuring the safety of lives and properties at war and peace times.
  • Protection of Federal, State and Local Governments infrastructures and projects.


  • Rescue of the civil populace during disasters and emergencies.
    • Provision of emergency medical services.
  • Entering and searching premises of any suspected illegal dealer in petroleum products or materials used by PHCN, NIPOST, NITELor any other public utility or infrastructure.
  • Seizing any material suspected to have been used in vandalism.
  • Detection of chemical poison, oil spillage, nuclear waste and decontamination procedures asi, Nell as industrial poisoning control.
  • Patrol/surveillance of public infrastructures.
  • Coordinating and development of research on civil protection, crises management and hazard prevention.
  • Securing pipelines and cables throughout the country.



Specifically, we focus on those who need services from the Directorate viz;

1.       Intra-Ministerial customers: