The ICT department is strategically positioned to ensure that technology is married to security in furtherance of the vision, missions, objective and goals of the Corps.

ICT Vision:

   …..making information communication technology work for security and civil defence

ICT Mission:

The mission of Information Communications Technology Department is to provide leadership and guidance, service and support, education and technical expertise required to establish and maintain information technology systems for the Corps in accordance with the vision, mission, values and goals of the Nigerian Security and   Civil Defence Corps. (NSCDC)

Strategic Intent:

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps “will use proven information technologies to deliver the best possible service to all its Directorates, Units, Zones, Commands and the public. Systems will be selected and deployed based on their effectiveness in improving the access to and exchange of information as well as the productivity of staff in furtherance of the Corp’s objective. Systems should be intuitive, easy to use, and integrated with other systems to eliminate duplication and redundant data entry. The Corps will commit the necessary resources to support these systems and ensure their security, reliability and accuracy. There will be appropriate backup and disaster recovery.”    

Technology Goals:

•      use technology to facilitate access to Corp’s commercial and non-commercial informationto authorized persons. Legitimate access.

•      to increase NSCDC revenue via ICT

•      the Corps to ensure regular training of ICT professionals

•      provide support for CNS/ATM operations    

•      Co-ordinate information communications technology at both the headquarters and outstations

•      virtual community: Use technology to foster improved communication and information dissemination.

•      staff will be efficient and effective in the use of all Agency-supplied information technology.

•      NSCDC information shall be secure and accurate and Data is collected and entered once

•      timely and accurate communication between HQ, departments, outstations and personnel.

•      the Corps will use technology for Just –in- Time service delivery

•      develop both knowledge and information workers

•      use technology to automate its various processes

•      gain appropriate returns on investment from its technology investment.

•      use web based technologies and processes for its security operations

reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

•      provision of more Personnel’s for ICT department.

•      technical Support: Provide high quality technology support for all ICT based/driven CNS/ATM systems and management/financial services

•      make optimum use of the infrastructure to achieve desired result.

•      computer centre: Provide and support computer centre to meet personnel and other training user needs.

•      corporate social responsibility via information communications technology.

The deployment of information communications technology is characterized by both a strong service orientation and a readiness to respond to a rapidly changing security environment.