Civil Defence  presence in schools is not a joke. Key into the relationship under Critical National Asset & Infrastructures Protection.

  1. Ensure pupils walk in twos and threes to & from school.
  2. Always  secure your Children in the school compound before taking your leave.
  3. Always encourage your kids to tell you everything about their school.
  4. Its a must for you to have phone number of the principal, phone numbers of your children’s class teacher, games master and that of the security personnel.
  5. Locate all security posts nearest to the school & ensure relationship.
  6. Employ Guards only from licensed Private Guard Companies whose activities/reports are regulated/profiled by Civil Defence.
  7. Ensure your child”s school PTA has a Security Committee.
  8. The Security Committee must assist in raising security alertness of pupils, parents and staffer.
  9. Excursions to Civil Defence, Private Guards Companies, Vigilante & other security agencies should not be taken lightly.
  10. CCTV cameras in schools are helpful.
  11. Houses surrounding the school are it’s best neighbors.

Fulfilling 80% of the above is a good start.
let’s join hands to make Nigeria safer.

ICT & Cybersecurity Department


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