Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu, has called on the adherents of the two major National Religions (Christians and Muslims) to always conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of their calling, and always proffer solutions that promote harmony and peaceful co-existence, which he trust will spread notable peace in the length and breadth of Nigeria.

The CG who is the Host of the TWO FAITH WATCH SUMMIT which held at the Civil Defence College Academy Hall, Sauka, Abuja, which brought Religious Faithfuls from across Nigeria together, ably represented by Acting Deputy Commandant General Critical Infrastructure, Dr. Emmanuel Adeoye, on behalf of the NSCDC.

Gana noted succinctly, that the Summit was put together to critically examine the perennial conflicts between the Believers of the two major religions and provide far reaching solutions that will ensure harmony and continuous peaceful co-existence  of the practitioners which will in turn impact on Nigeria positively.

Abdullahi maintained that without peace, there can be no security and without security there can be no development. According to the Leader of the Civil Defence said, ” As a Security Outfit of Government, We in the NSCDC owe it a duty, to within the purview of the Law, do everything to ensure security, peace and harmony of the citizenry, this epoch making gathering is an eloquent testimony to this vision “.

The Corps helmsman highlighted further, that today, Nigeria as a Nation is being plagued by several security threats among which are terrorism, armed robbery and kidnapping, religious extremism, vandalism of   National Assets and Infrastructure, corruption and impunity and other social vices that manifest daily.

Muhammadu emphasized that the Summit which was convened at the instance of the Inter-religious Organizations in conjunction with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, is to focus on ways to de-escalate the progression of conflicts brought about by religious intolerance, hate sermons, lack of mutual religious respect and suspicion, and also with the principal goal of enhancing the impact of religious understanding for national security and development.

Reverend Professor Yusufu Ameh Obaje, submitted that Peaceful Co-existence is a Divine Imperative planned by God himself. The Clergy asserted that it is a divine decree of the Almighty God that all His Creation should live together, because the human nature warrants that we depend on each other.

Professor Obaje maintained that in Nigeria, We need a Culture of Spiritual Rebirth. Positing further, that God gave us these religions as a means to worship Him, the Almighty God, but that it should not be turned into tool of destruction.

The Chaplain admonished that we should work together to make the best, and in note of plea said, Let Us rebuild Nigeria through God Life Centred Life Style.

Tolerance is forbearing religious prejudice, accepting a person the way he or she is. Understanding is key for Christians and Muslims to enable each other know why each behave the way they do, thus leading to appreciating each other. These are the postulations of Mallam Ibrahim Jega, Executive Secretary National Mosque Management Board.

Mallam Jega reiterated that when wrong acts are committed, it should not be attributed to Islam or Christianity, but that it should be seen from the individual or groups perpetrating those nefarious acts.

The Muslim Cleric noted, that Boko Haram and other Terrorist Organizations are all on their own.

He cautioned Media Organizations to cease from sensational news reporting, but should be objective in their reportage.





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