The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is saddled with the responsibility of:

  1. Maintenance of peace and order in the society.
  2. Provision of security and monitoring services before, during and after electoral exercise.
  3. Protection and safety of lives and property at war and peace times.
  4. Protection of Federal, State and Local Government infrastructures and projects.
  5. Protection and rescue of the civil populace during disasters and emergencies.
  6. Provision of emergency medical services.
  7. Arresting with or without a warrant, detain, investigate and institute legal proceedings by or in the name of the Attorney General of the Federation.
  8. Provision of Intelligence information on trouble spots, individuals and organization.
  9. Monitoring and supervision of Private Guard Companies.
  This charter intends to publish the necessary information for the following customers of the Corps:

   To put to work Efficiency, Humility, Integrity in Service Delivery with a fresh zeal; to bring credibility into the whole concept of security thereby restoring the much needed confidence of the Nigeria public; to justify the existence of the Corps and to build a culture and create an identity for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps.


   An Act giving statutory backing to the NSCDC was passed
by the National Assembly on 25th June, 2003 and was amended on 28th May, 2007. In view of this, our mission statements are as follows:

  1. To ensure the safety of lives and property of Nigerians and other countries Nationals residing within Nigeria.
  2. To stamp out crime and guarantee safety of all Government properties especially where it concerns power transmission lines and oil pipelines.
  3. To rid Nigeria of all conflicts through intelligence report gathering.

   The following is a summary of services rendered by the Corps:

  1. Arresting and investigating vandals of government properties.
  2. Information and intelligence gathering.
  3. Provision of security services to sensitive government and private establishments.
  4. Protection of lives and property.
  5. Coordinating and development of research on civil protection, crisis management and hazard prevention.
  6. Monitoring the activities of trade and professional association.
  7. Crowd control during government and private functions.
  8. Search, rescue, relief and rehabilitation activities during National emergencies.
  9. Recommendations to the honorable minister of Interior, supervision/monitoring of Private Guards Companies.
  10. Expanding the frontiers of knowledge through training and re-training.
  11. Building professional managers in security management.
  12. Mediating and settling of disputes amongst conflicting members of the public

       Generally, all Nigerians are our customers. However, specifically, we focus on those who need specific services, viz,

  1. Intra-Ministerial Customers
  1. Inter-Ministerial Customers


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