WE have all done so well in the discharge of our constitutional mandate in this year 2016. I earnestly hope that we will do even better in the new year 2017

The Commandant General of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, (NSCDC), Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu, expressed this strong hope during the decoration of promoted Officers of the Corps, (ACGs), at the Civil Defence Academy, Sauka, Abuja.

The CG revealed that requisition for additional 10,000 manpower for the NSCDC has been put forward to the Federal Government, this he said when granted, will swell the number of personnel as there is much strength in number. This will enable the Corps impact positively the more in the Nigerian State as the NSCDC have always done.

However, he reiterated that Applicants should be wary of fraudsters deceiving them to pay money for recruitment. The Corps for now is neither recruiting nor doing replacement as is rumoured in different quarters.

Gana further, while addressing the cross-section of the Corps Top Notch admonished them to be Apostles of the Gospel of Patience and Tolerance, directing them, that when they get back to their various Commands they should pass on the message to their Officers and Men to be patient and tolerant in all their official activities, and also, in all spheres of life.

The Corps helmsman maintained that, when one has patience and is able to tolerate, such an individual will always do well in life.

He charged Officers and Men of the NSCDC that, ” As it is our lot to Defend the Defenceless, we owe it a duty to be very civil when dealing will the Civil Populace always. ”

The Leader of the Civil Defence disclosed that, the NSCDC has officially applied to the Head of Service to make the Private Guard Company (PGC) Department of the Corps a full Directorate for the task ahead.

Gana also cautioned that all forms of acts of indiscipline will not be tolerated, asserting that, the NSCDC will always be a very disciplined organization.

The Commandant General issuing the score card for the Corps for overall performance in this year 2016, said, the Officers and Men of the NSCDC have done so very well, and should make the year 2017 even better.




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