The Commandant General of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Abdullahi Gana Muhammadu play host to Major General Daniel Baldwin, the Adjutant General of the California National Guards during a  courtesy call  to the Corps National Headquarters Abuja.

The Corps Chief Executive briefed the visiting General on the Corps history and its Core mandate as an affiliate of International Civil Defence Organisation with its headquarters in Switzerland, Geneva.

He reiterated that, aside the international role of Disaster Management in the areas of search, rescue, rehabilitation, re-integration and mitigation, the Corps as a security and paramilitary agency of Government is saddled with the responsibility of protecting National Assets and Infrastructure of Government as the Lead Agency by tackling issue of vandalism. The Corps also playing significant role in tackling insurgency by deploying personnel to the North East to win peace, provide security in protecting the IDPs and the returnees to their various deserted communities since the Military has won war against insurgencies.

The Corps synergises the PGC by ensuring the repositioning of the Private Guards Company to attain international standard, involved in conflict resolution through Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism, the formation of the Agro Rangers squad where about 10,000 officers are to be train and re-train on how to manage the clashes between cattle herdsmen and farmers as well as providing physical security for the international investors farm in Agro sector in Nigeria.

The NSCDC boss also intimated his visitors of his partnerships and collaborations with the Solid Mineral Ministry, Water Board, Power and Network providers of telecommunication companies on physical security of their equipment and infrastructures nationwide, National Space Agency, Universities and other National Institutions of Government and their parastatals and departments in order to guide against vandalism of the infrastructure.

Gana also informed his guests that his successes could not have come without travails and challenges, emanating from a shortfall on the funds accruing from the Federal Government; hence the government cannot cater for the needs of the Corps alone as development partners are also expected to offer helping hands and modern equipment for effective execution of her mandate.

He stressed further that, the Corps is seeking for partnership in the area of Manpower Development and Capacity building as well as an assistant in providing modern technologies for effective execution of the Corps mandate.

Responding to the Commandant General, the visiting Adjutant General of the California National Guard, Major-General Daniel Baldwin thanked the Commandant General and his officers for their hospitality. He praised the achievements and success story of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. He proposed a bilateral relationship with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps hence the Corps share a common affinity with the California National Guard of United States of America where he is presently serving as an Adjutant General.

He assured the Nigeria Security Civil Defence Corps of a priority placement in whatever partnership he is going to strike in Nigeria. He informed the Commandant General that his priority is in the areas of Disaster Management, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Security, Aviation, Fire prevention, Medical, Training and re-training of officers. Conforming that capacity building is a very critical area of manpower, development and the technological enhancement of security agencies in combating insecurity in the society.

Hence, he proposed that officers of the Corps of all cadres may be opportuned to come to California to get adequate training in the afore-mentioned areas to become specialists in these areas of security management and administration.



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